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Wakamono Anti Coronavirus Mask Mask, Type IIR, Antivirus, Breathable, 4-Layer Protective Structure (50 Pcs)


– Made in Vietnam
– Color: White
– Size: 17.5 x 9.5 cm
– Packing: 10pcs/box, 50pcs/box, 100pcs/box
– Meets ASTM F2100 (Level 3) and EN 14683 (Type IIR);
– 4-layer structure provides the highest protection, especially GECIDE non-woven fabric second layer and easy to breathe and soft on the skin.
– Non-fiberglass, non-irritation, non-carcinogen (Formaldehyde).
– Ergonomic design: Soft elastic ear loops and flexible adjustable nose clip
– All tests of WAKAMONO masks related are performed and certified by independent laboratories: EUROFINS lab (U.S.); TUV SUD (Germany); Bereau Veritas (Cananda); Pacific Biolabs (U.S.); Analytic Lab (Singapore); PacificBio Lab (U.S.); Quatest 3 (Vietnam); …
– HIGH BREATHABILITY AND COMFORT: Ultra-soft and one-size-fits-all, breathe smoothly.




WAKAMONO MEDICAL MASK met and exceed, the EN14683  type IIR. The World’s first medical mask applying Biotechnology to stop COVID-19 pandemic, WAKAMONO Medical Mask applied GECIDE fabric has been evaluated the completely inactivation effect to HUMAN CORONAVIRUS up to 99%.

WAKAMONO MEDICAL MASK is one of these biotechnology applications. Medical masks against potent pathogen properties without altering their physical barrier properties. 4-layer protective structure, easy to breathe & Soft on skin. Covering both mouth and nose. Ergonomic design: Soft elastic ear loops and flexible adjustable nose clip WAKAMONO mask is a product suitable for most users in epidemic environments or situations with high risk of microbial infections.


Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 19 × 10 × 12 cm


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Question: Q: How many layers is WAKAMONO Surgical Mask?
Answer: A: WAKAMONO mask contains 4 layers of protection, including filter and antiviral layers which prevent pathogens’ infection effectively and ensure ventilation and comfort when using.
Question: Q: How is the WAKAMONO Mask packed?
Answer: A: a box packaging contains 50 masks (50 Pcs/box); a carton packaging contains 50 boxes (50 boxes/case). Finished products have been UV treated and placed in sealed plastic bags before the packing process.
Question: Q: How to identify the front view of the mask?
Answer: A: The mask front view is the surface exposed to air (not in contact with the face when using), and it has the WAKAMONO logo in the correct direction read, located at the bottom left corner.
Question: Q: What are the cautions of using the mask?
Answer: A: Dispose after use, do not use for infants or in toxic gas environment, do not use if package is damaged, do not use the mask when it rains or in humid environment, changes the mask as soon as possible if it becomes dirty, wet or damaged.
Question: Q: What are the size and weight of cartons for wholesale ordering?
Answer: A: The carton packing size is 52x39x60.7 (cm); 17.1 kg of gross weight and 16.6 kg of net weight.
Question: Q: What quality standards does WAKAMONO Surgical Mask meet?
Answer: A: WAKAMONO Surgical Mask has been manufactured with Good Manufacturing Practice (ISO 13485) certification. Especially, the quality standard of the Europe for surgical masks – EN 14683 – used for quality control of WAKAMONO mask. WAKAMONO mask achieved high performance – type IIR of the EN 14683 method.
Question: Q: Have WAKAMONO mask been tested effective against virus and bacterial?
Answer: A: As per antiviral and bacterial efficacy standard test method, the WAKAMONO mask has been shown an outstanding effect against greater than 99% of tested viruses and bacteria.
Question: Q: Why does WAKAMONO mask have a distinctive scent?
Answer: A: The scent comes from organic compounds coated on the mask. They are the natural compounds that provide antiviral, bacterial, and deodorizing effects for the mask. Since then, it brings a sense of comfort and safety to the user.