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Wakamono is one of the cutting-edge pioneers in the field of nanoscience, the frontrunner in personalized healthcare. Wakamono’s goal is to use the power of leading-edge science to saves and improves lives around the world. We want people around the world to be able to use our products to lead better lives, full of unlimited possibilities.


“We Bring the Future into the Present”
We, at Wakamono, have a deep legacy of scientific innovation. As pioneers in the field of Microemulsion Technology – US patented technology, we create functionalized small-molecule, which have powerful biotech mechanisms and meet diverse biological targets.

In this way, compared with traditional technology systems and methods, small molecules exhibit better properties, including site-targeting, sustained or controlled release, protection of products from degradation and clearance, superior effects, and lower toxic side effects. Applying proprietary Microemulsion Technology to engineer novel products which transcend the current limitations and boundaries – that once seemed like only a dream.


Our technology will give a whole new set of tools to go to new extremes and change the world.
Using the latest scientific and technological thinking, we are harnessing the power of Microemulsion Technology for diverse uses and delivering them to everyone. We are creating a new category of products that answer real needs.

Focus areas

• Personal Care

Build Lipid Layer Technology – A microemulsion system of triglycerides with a small size interacts with the hair through an innovative biomimetic mechanism that solves the challenge of hair penetration. Hence, the technology rebuilds the hair’s first line of defense – the lipid layer, restores the natural hydrophobicity of hair, protects the connections in the cortex, and reinforces hair fibers only after one-time use sustainably and reliably.

Morevere, technology not only unveils a new generation of alternatives for silicone, but also creates a new material that improves not only the immediate look and feel of hair, but also absorb hair nurturing ingredients for healthy hair in long term.

For skin, the strength of the lipid skin barrier is the skin’s best feature, it reflects health. Build Lipid Layer Technology is a strategy that respects the skin biological processes, non-invasive. The technology is acting as an active itself by penetrating and incorporating lipids in the skin lipid matrix, and therefore building a strong, well-functioning lipid barrier to keep skin in tip-top shape.

Focus areas

• Antimicrobial Products

Revolutionary Antimicrobial Technology developed by Wakamono is a novel technology to add an antimicrobial activity to everything (sanitizing and disinfecting products, surface coatings, incorporated into textiles, polymers, etc), which is durable and always-on treatments. Application of this technology to anything reduces the risk brought by germs attached to its surface, so against infectious diseases.

The technology uses functionalised small molecules to disrupt the structure of microbial causing the microbial to lose the ability to bind to host cells, lose the ability to produce more nucleic acid (DNA/RNA), or lose the ability to remain viable on surfaces and reduce the virus’s ability to infect and multiply in living cells.

Performance data shows that safety technology inactivates/reduces by over 99%* the COVID-19 virus and the enveloped viruses (Influenza A H1N1), the non-enveloped viruses (Poliovirus-I), and other tested viruses through international test methods by independent laboratories.

Focus areas

• Food & Functional food

Our Targeted Delivery Technology – A new concept that overcomes the limitations of conventional food delivery which focused on bringing innovations by optimizing the bioavailability in the organism to bring real and long-term effects on health with clinically proven.

Technology creates unique small molecules to control interactions of active ingredients with the food matrix, increase nutritional efficacy, absorption/penetration, prevent oxidation and degradation in the gastrointestinal tract and protect them from moisture, heat, chemical, or biological degradation during processing, storage, utilization, and also exhibit compatibility with other compounds in the system.

Unlike many other delivery systems, our small molecules are easily modified to accommodate each biological mechanism of desired health benefit and to be compatible with the manufacturing process of different products. From there, technology helps develop new fields of application.


Innovating boldly for people and planet.
At Wakamono, Science and Technology at the heart of our innovation which adapts to shifting consumer needs; and contributes
to tackling the huge challenges of the world: panmictic, microplastic pollution, climate change, etc.

We apply real science and technology
to tackle big challenges that matter.


Creating sustainable and effective solutions in our understanding requires continuous collaboration with test-independent partners in science. Therefore, we are proud that our technology solutions and products are guaranteed to be tested for safety and proven effective at a network of laboratories and acknowledged institutions with the highest standards.


We are working to build the best possible version of Wakamono in the future, together.
A new sustainability vision and strategy: to lead positive transformational changes toward a regenerative, healthy and abundant world.