High-Tech Manufacturing System

Advanced Research System

Wakamono’s laboratories are all equipped with a research system suitable for global standards and making various efforts to improve product quality with experts in many fields. Moreover, we concentrate not only on increasing the bit rate of the product quality, but also on building trusted relationships with customers.


Role Of Wakamono Laboratory

Developing of new product
and making analysis of new technology trend

Applying research
to industrial scale production

Researching and transfering technology
to create economic values

Providing safe and effective products
for community and environment


WAKAMONO’s success is made up of talented individuals and teamwork. And when you join WAKAMONO, an environment of mutual respect, encouragement and teamwork – a working environment that rewards commitment and performance and seeks to be responsive to the needs of employees will encourage your personal achievement on a daily basis.

Our team of experts including scientists, doctors, and nutritionists are the leading experts in the field of healthcare and biotechnology. They have intense experience,
enthusiasm and always interested in public health problems.

WAKAMONO’s people are central to everything the company does.
Our objectives can only be achieved with their dedication and professionalism.