Pandemics, wars, environmental pollution, etc continue to affect all of us around the world badly, our everyday lives have had to suffer a lot of changes. Still, a constant remains – the cares and loves that we give to each other, to our families and our communities. All of us at Wakamono understand how important this is; and we are proudly saying that it’s also our sustainable motive of every actions.

In 2020, Wakamono Corporation adopted a new Vision Statement: “Being a trusted leader in changing better health outcomes for society.” To make it come true, we aim to offer each customer healthcare products that best fit their needs. Showing up to serve with the latest scientific advancement and technology in order to improve and extend lives and quality of life as well as change completely manufacturing industries and gain customer trust is our mission.

Wakamono’s goal is to use the power of leading-edge science to saves and improves lives around the world. We want people around the world to be able to use our products to lead better lives, full of unlimited possibilities. We are working to build the best possible version of Wakamono in the future, together. A new sustainability vision: to lead positive transformational changes toward a regenerative, healthy, and abundant world.

Thanks to our staff, every partners and co-workers of Wakamono for their contributions and efforts to make our vision into a reality, step by step. On behalf of them, it is our privilege to care for you and your families. Because at Wakamono, keeping you healthy is our great success!



Founder and Chairman
Wakamono Corporation