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Modern And Advanced Research Laboratories

Wakamono’s laboratory is equipped with a research system suitable for global standard and making various efforts to improve product strength with experts in many fields.

Leveraging the Company’s comprehensive strengths in trading, R&D, manufacturing and processing, this department is developing high value-added products that help people live better and healthier livesdrawing on the traditional use of herbs and combining this with the latest knowledge of nutrition.

For improving research development efficiency and technology, we are taking the lead in new technologies research by equipping with modern machines, transferring technology and cooperation international.

In addition, we are not only equipped with the specialized researchers in each field to develop the products with best quality that anyone can trust and used, but also strive to become the best partner for our customers through researching the advanced technology to make high quality products, meet the demands of customers, which are based on the research infrastructure that maximizes the effect of products.

Role Of Wakamono Laboratory

  • Development of new product

    and analysis of new technology trend

  • Applying research

    to industrial scale production

  • Research and transfer technology

    to create economic values

  • Provide safe and effective products

    for community and environment


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