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What is organic nanoparticles?

Organic nanoparticles are particles composed of organic molecules that have structural components smaller than 100 nm in at least one dimension.

Why use organic nanoparticles?

Naturally-derived organic substances play an important role in human life. However, these applications still have many limitations due to the nature of organic matter.

Wakamono uses nanomicelles and liposomes to create organic nanoparticles

Nanomicelles are ultramicrosopic globular structures that consist of exterior hydrophilic polar heads and an interior hydrophobic fatty acyl chain.Nanomicelles are capable of delivering poorly water-soluble drugs as well as the protection of drug molecules.

Nanomicelles are typically spherical, but can sometimes take other shapes, such as cylinders and ellipsoids. The small size and shape of nanomicelles is only possible due to the molecular geometry of the particle. The shapes formed also depend on the ionic strength, surfactant concentration, and pH strength of the solutions they are placed in.


Liposomes are small artificial vesicles of spherical shape that can be created from cholesterol and natural non-toxic phospholipids. Due to their size and hydrophobic and hydrophilic character(besides biocompatibility), liposomes are promising systems for drug delivery. Liposome properties differ considerably with lipid composition, surface charge, size, and the method of preparation form a rigid, rather impermeable bilayer structure.

Advantages of liposome
  • Liposomes increased efficacy and therapeutic index of drug (actinomycin-D)
  • Liposome increased stability via encapsulation
  • Liposomes are non-toxic, flexible, biocompatible, completely biodegradable, and non-immunogenic for systemic and non-systemic administrations
  • Liposomes reduce the toxicity of the encapsulated agent (amphotericin B, Taxol)
  • Liposomes help reduce the exposure of sensitive tissues to toxic drugs
  • Site avoidance effect
  • Flexibility to couple with site-specific ligands to achieve active targeting


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