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After more than 20 years of basic nanoscience research and more than fifteen years of focused R&D under the NNI, applications of nanotechnology are delivering in both expected and unexpected ways on nanotechnology’s promise to benefit society. Nanotechnology is considered one of the most advanced technologies. One of the nanomaterials superiority is the ability to penetrate deep into the cell without any barriers to it thanks to its microscopic size and increase the efficiency of the product.

Specifically, evolutionary nanotechnology should therefore be viewed as a process that will affect us and most companies, industries. Nanotechnology herbal extract is improve existing products by creating smaller components and better performance materials, all at a lower cost.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) of the nano alpha-mangostin sample in distilled water

Detailed advantages of nanomaterial

Bioavailability Lower Higher
Soluble in water Insoluble in water Soluble in water
Effective treatment Lower Higher
Stability Poor Increased physical and chemical stability
Selectivity Lower Higher
Toxicity Higher Lower
Dosage Higher Lower
Temperature decomposition Lower ≥ 180℃
Form Powder or liquid
Size of Nanoparticle Big Very small (20nm-200nm)
Rate of chemical 5-20%
Price Higher Lower

According to the evaluation of Wakamono Lab

To increase the productive use of material, nanotechnology is being considered a potential option. Chemicals modified by nanotechnology have been proven to be highly effective for drug delivery and targeting the required tissue with low failure rates.

Nanotechnology has great applications in life and is a promising technology at the present time and in the future. Nanotechnology is applied in many fields:

  • In Agriculture
  • In The Pharmaceutical Industry
  • In Food Industry
  • In Cosmetics Industry
  • In Essential Oils


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