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Charitable contribution

WAKAMONO has a long-term commitment to community. We actively contribute to help people around the country have an opportunity to get access to a better healthcare and nutritional products.

Wakamono for the elderly

Currently, in Vietnam, the number of elderly people with long life but disease is quite common. According to the overview report on elderly care policy, the Vietnamese elderly have high morbidity. The elderly with ill health proportion up to 94,3%. Despite the Vietnamese have high longevity rankings (58/177 countries in the world), but healthy average years of human is only 116/177.

Together, we can change this, long life and full health

WAKAMONO organizes visits, checks free health and gives presents to nursing home, the single and helpless elderly. In addition, communication on health care about the elderly is also concerned.

WAKAMONO sponsors media and training programs to promote and inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle, actively protect their own health and loved ones.

WAKAMONO also is working on transformative solutions to strengthen sustainable health systems by focusing on improving access to quality health care for the elderly, providing products with nutrition and high efficiency to support the elder during illness.


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